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New artwork!

You may have seen the original artwork I was using for this project. It just wasn’t doing anything for me. So when I re-did this site, I decided that I also better redo the cover art! So down below is what I came up with. Idk why I keep putting this donut on everything. But I like it.

(I spell it “donut” but it’s being underlined and they are telling me that it’s incorrect. I don’t wanna spell it “doughnut”. I like it the way I do it)

Anyway, new episode coming this Sunday! I already have an idea of a topic AND a co host. Should be a fun one!


Cover art


Sam Fassler

Interact w/ me! I am lonely!

I should be recording a “test episode” later today to make sure this all works out the way I want it to.

I’m gonna be talking a lil about DC and Marvel comics and movies. I want to know what you think of these. Which one is your favorite? What do you want me to talk about regarding this topic? PLEASE ask me a question. You can comment right here on the Sundays Best website! I wanna find out how the comments work on here. I will respond!

Learning is FUN!


Well…. I think…..

I may have figured this out. I am probably going to release my first “test run” episode sooner than Sunday. Maybe today or tomorrow. Maybe I will fail. But hey, maybe I’ll learn how to delete things from iTunes. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Please HMU if you have any comments. Like “hey Sam, make this or that better”. I would appreciate the constructive criticism.

Bye. TTYL.




WOW! I have no idea what I am doing!

To be completely honest, I am trying to start up a podcast with a friend of mine, and I am using Sundays Best to get my feet wet in this whole thing. come along for the ride. I have about 6 days to record a podcast and upload it. I hope I do it right.


I’ll keep this podcast going as long as I am having fun with it. Since I will be the only main host, I think that will be a while. I’m always down to have co hosts come on for an episode, so drop me a line! Other than that, have fun!

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